SHIFT Magazine SHIFT Q2 Final Edition - Page 19

1. What’s your business type? Jason McClaren & Associates provides disaster preparedness, recovery and mitigation strategies tailored to businesses specific needs and requirements. We accomplish this by understanding your point of view and tailoring the strategies to work with what works for our client. We work together on the possibilities (rather than the problems). We look at what is working, we look at the strengths, and look to take advantage of the existing assets to further address and manage disasters. Jason McClaren & Associates 2. Did Covid-19 make an impact on your business model? We didn’t have to change much due to the fact that disasters are our business. The impact came on the client side in education and troubleshooting the ability to provide them remote support since many of them were not used to that capability. We have been utilizing remote operations for 8-9 years now so it wasn’t a big impact for us. 3. Have you made any adjustments to your business model? We have adjusted our remote support options and are doubling down on our remote support and virtual operations. We will also be offering virtual options in our base level packages so the client is more familiar with it when a need for remote operations occurs in the future. We started a podcast to address questions we were getting about issues. Contact Us! 1. What’s your business type? I make Handmade Leather Holsters, mostly Chest holsters but do other odds and ends leather projects. The only two employees are my wife and I. 2. Did Covid-19 make an impact on your business model? Covid 19 impacted us, but not in a negative way. Since I am web based and have a workshop on my property, we have kept working and our sales have jumped significantly. April was huge for us and May is looking to be pretty big too. Gordon Delwo Paradise Valley Leather 3. Have you made any adjustments to your business model? Supply chain for the leather and other items has been (and seeming rightfully so) with my business. I preemptively spent 3-4x as much on supplies when all the covid talk started and it looks like it was a good thing. I have had to find alternate sources for some of my supplies and there may be more that I have to search for in the future since my regular suppliers are short on them. Place Your Order Now!