SHIFT Magazine SHIFT Q2 Final Edition - Page 18

Richard Shuminski Win Your Claim Fast We also provide daily webinars on zoom to help educate, we also have an online portal, and a private Facebook group called The Increase Hunters' Think Tank which gives our veterans a safe place to ask questions about their claim and share their story. 1. What’s your business type? The Increase Hunters’, a veteran-owned and run team, are committed to providing awareness, education, coaching, and empowering veterans so that all have a fighting chance to get the VA rating and compensation they deserve while providing them a community and a BETTER VA experience. If you have been struggling with your VA Disability claim, you came to the right place. 2. Did Covid-19 make an impact on your business model? Our Medical Network is primarily done virtually, we have been fortunate enough not to be seriously affected by COVID-19. The way we are structured has been beneficial for the veterans that we serve. My Veteran Coaches are able to provide strategy sessions over the phone about their VA Claim. 3. Have you made any adjustments to your business model? Our business model as changed slightly. We realize that now that COVID-19 affects our veterans in different ways. Some need us now more than ever. So we have done more giving back to help the entire veteran community. For example, in March, we made all Psych Exams 100% free of charge to help with the pandemic. This was a game changer for some veterans because they all knew it's free to sign up with The Increase Hunters', but their Psych exam was what they could not afford. This huge offer allowed for hundreds of veterans to benefit and finally get the compensation they deserve! COVID-19 has made us even more aware and understanding of what some veterans are going through during this time. Contact Us! 1. What’s your business type? Southpaw Laser Concepts is a veteran owned & operated company that specializes in producing high quality laser engraved leather patched hats for you, your company, club or event. With literally 100's of hat options, we will work to get the right colors and style to represent you and your design flawlessly. JD Tierney Southpaw Laser Concepts 2. Did Covid-19 make an impact on your business model and did you make any adjustments? Covid-19 100% affected Southpaw's business, model, workflow, etc When sales went from 5 digits a month to barely breaking $1k, we shifted focus on what was NEEDED in these unprecedented times and started manufacturing EarSaver clips for medical professionals, first responders and others who need to wear a surgical mask for long periods. Unfortunately, this shift didn't financially cover the sales deficits caused by the 'Rona, however, it was worth the shift to donate close to 2,000 clips to local hospitals, firefighters, clinics, pediatric offices, law enforcement, elderly nurses facilities and more. Though the donations were personally rewarding, I'm ready to do hats full time again. Contact Us Now!