SHIFT Magazine SHIFT Q2 Final Edition - Page 17

LISAPERANZO CEO, A Healthful Life What is your business type? A Healthful Life is an online platform dedicated to empowering people to find a healthy lifestyle by achieving their fitness and nutritional goals. How did COVID-19 make an impact on your business model? Thankfully, A Healthful Life was already a completely functioning online training platform, so our adjustments were minor. Have you made any adjustments to your business model? Generally speaking, our business model did not change at A Healthful Life. We are still focused on giving our clients all the tools they need to conquer their fitness and nutrition goals. If anything, COVID-19 has further reinforced the power of our business model, the creation of a healthy lifestyle from the comfort of your own home. A Note From ROB GARCIA SHIFT Founder I hope you are all enjoying this amazing issue. Its always my pleasure to help share your stories of entrepreneurship and celebrate your efforts. In these challenging times, its important to look out for each other. Pay attention to your network and see who needs your help. Keep hiring experts, take advantage of government programs and keep your businesses above water. Some of you will need strategic adjustments and new planning. Take the time to make these changes. Keep positive and remember that SHIFT is always here for you. - Rob