SHIFT Magazine SHIFT Q2 Final Edition - Page 15

KRISTINARISINGER Owner, Just Breathe Mama AMANDAWARFIELD Founder, Thriving Life Craft What is your business type? I am an author, photographer, podcaster, and Grief and Emotions coach. I love connecting people by sharing stories of hope and perseverance allowing them to understand that although their journey is their own, they are not alone. My program helps women break emotional strongholds by renewing hope through adversity and living in their purpose after loss. How did COVID-19 make an impact on your business model? Since I am already working from home and online, COVID-19 did not have an extreme impact on my business. Stay at home orders gave me a chance to reflect more deeply on my priorities and the longterm path of my business. Have you made any adjustments to your business model? Finding additional ways to exert my creativity in this time has been intriguing. I have been motivated to explore additional options in the virtual world while being encouraged to move through various blocks and mitigate issues that may prove problematic.I am now open to more innovative avenues for my vision.I'm grateful that my business model didn't require much changes. To help the process go What is your business type? We are a Transformational Life Coaching firm that helps women and men that have been negatively impacted by narcissistic, toxic relationships to rediscover their personal worth. We combine neuroscience, mindset, and the Law of Attraction to help them thrive. How did COVID-19 make an impact on your business model? It certainly stopped my speaking engagements dead in their tracks, as well as any in-person coaching. Have you made any adjustments to your business model? Everything moved to online – online coaching and training, as well as online podcasts rather than inperson events and other speaking engagements. Thankfully, nothing just stopped, and as a matter of fact, it has involved more involvement, since it is a lot easier to guest on a podcast than to book an in-person event.