Shantih Journal 3.1 - Page 92

DW: How would life change for Arizona students if education were fully funded? NK: It would completely transform their lives. They would have the resources- like textbooks- that they need. They would have a chair and a desk in all of their classes. They would have smaller class sizes. They would have more experienced, certified teachers. They would exist in a totally different setting. DW: The Red For Ed march held in late April of this year drew between 50,000 and 75,000 people. I’ve been teaching since 1998 and my father was a teacher from 1960 to 2000, so I know what education in Arizona looks like and where it’s been. Within those sixty years, I’ve never even heard of anything like this happening in Arizona. There was a teacher protest [Xۈ[H8& ]][\[\\\ۈH][وHY܈Y[ݙ[Y[ H[HY]Xx&]HXYH\ܞK\]XZH[HY[ۛ][H\B[[Yܘ[\وXH\ܚX[ݙ[Y[“Έ]8&\[ܙYXH[ݚ[ˈ]\\][][ܙ˂LΈ\Z[HHY\^HوH[ݙ[Y[\[H[ق[[و] ܈YK\H\HX[HZKX]^\HHX\[[H[Y\[]YHH\] ]Y[[ܚY\[]܈[O“ΈYHYXۙH[HY[[ܞK][HX\[ۈBY][X[^[H[[[و[H\[[HX]]Y[Y\]Hو]\[ۙH\[ HH^\]H[^H]\H[H[YHHY]]HXX\]H\][X\Z\ܞKH\HH[]\HY\H[ݚ[[]HX]YH[ٛ[^\˂ΈH\و[Y\[۝وH\]\H\]X[B[\\]KH[\[H[ݙ[Y[[Y[ݙ\ ML [BYx&[HZ\Z[܈X[HYX]ܜH[Y\\H[\BH]X[]YN^H\HH[YZ[ܘH܈YX]ܜ˜XܛH]K][[H^H\^ۘHYX]ܜܙX]Y“Έx&]HܙX]Y[[\H[ݙ[Y[[H\[[\X\B\H]ܝ\ H]HH\[ZXH܈[ؚ[^][ۂ[[[[HH]Hو\^ۘKΈHۛ[^Hۈ\X YX]ܜ\HXYH]\ܚH ܙوX^K]H][و]^HH[H\[Y\]ܜ[Yۈ\[HY] XYX[]B^[YH[[]ۙH[ܙH^K[[H[]HYH[\ۂ^\Y[\و]\^HYܙHHHۈH[\H[B\\YHHZ][܈و]Hݙ\Y[