Shantih Journal 3.1 - Page 40

Love In The Injustice Age megan wildhood is when you know someone so well you could be her scream. Tia and I, we have caught a glimpse of our extinction; we are hunting it down. We build peace with justice, Tia and I. She cracks jokes like belts and I dig like an insult 40 and the scant trees seize in the wind. We make this ditch with pick axes and fear and sick hope and just us. We are trying to prevent wasteland – place where no mystery can live – at least somewhere and so we have to dig. Past dirt, through the fat bones of old trees, below water tables, screaming with life. Barrier. But we must find what everyone will believe is worth saving. Tia shares personal opinions about love and cancer. I press her to keep digging with me. We must find something gold for humanity and we must find it here. We do stop –