Shantih Journal 3.1 - Page 21

Resistance deborah jang Inauguration day 2017, Oceanside, California Wishing poles fringe the pier, wistful wands wave and taper. Eyes attend the tender tip, bent low yet not breaking. The secret of bamboo, my father used to say, is how it bends to wind and storm then rights itself to sky, its inner fiber strong enough to stem the tides of time. How its arc remembers grace, resilient and wide. How it resists the trampling boot with elegance of spry. Fistfuls of fish are eyed by longbeaked fowl eyed by strangers drawn to the strangeness who rush to show and tell on their devices. I cross the planks toward sundown and silhouetted fishers huddled with their dreams cast into the yearn of churning blue. I lean in, my eyes breathe prayers, I straighten spine, and listen, then bend back low to confide in secrets of bamboo. 21