Shantih Journal 3.1 - Page 119

I was young enough that unraveling attracted me a kitten to yarn, tiring my father The other guy would have been worse But Kimmy’s Mom says-- No law against idiocy And my mother Smoke easing from the corner of her mouth Said they had been right here and there I was young enough that every long drive bored me Students on the radio jamming the signal Blocked the Supremes “We no longer trust our Government” And my mother In the kitchen after Thanksgiving Said it was time for me to go She she could speak; Yale to Stanford Let her stay, said Carolyn, and I did I was young enough that my friends and I changed our signatures weekly A swirlier “N,” a heart dotting the i “It’s an historic event,” But when they said it was over He hadn’t even signed once And I went to bed confused and unaware Of what I’d learned 119