Shantih Journal 2.1 - Page 86

It was all green and blue outside. The sun shone warm. The farm in front of him stretched out for acres, and enclosed within a fence stood several cows chewing. Then a barn. A chicken coop. It looked like a painting. A young woman was walking towards him. “Hi there,” she said. Her hair was black and in the white bright white light her lips looked blue. “I’m Mara. Do you need help?” “Yeah,” he began to say, then stopped. Coming at him, from across the fields, was a large white beast. Its nose was pointed straight in the air. He felt silly, but looked at Mara sideways and said softly, “That’s not a…” “His name’s Jim. Great Pyrenees, they’re monsters in size but.” She bent down and the ɕɔ݅́ɝȁ+qMݕѡ̰ɕ今t+qMɔt!́́͡ٽ唁хЁݥѠѡݡ͔)ѽՔ饱丁'eȁͽ݅ѕѼͅ䰁Ёѕ+q]Ё́ѡ́t)5ɇéݕq%ӊéͽЁͅՅ䳊t͡ͅMɕ)Ѽ܁ѡ䁉Ѽ݅ɽ́ѡq5䁑хѕѡ)ɴͽѕ啅́!é͕ܰЁ͕͔tM)եPٕȁȁЁݥѠȁɥЁ!͍ɅѼѡݡЁ)ЁQѡ՝иQQԸQܸMѡ)ЁͽѡЁٽѥ)!ЁЁȁɥаͅݥѠɕЁѥq'eͼͽ今t)!ȁ́ɕ܁͡丁M͵q$ɕєѡлt)MхЁѡɴ܁ȁѡȁݽɭЁɍ܁)ѕɽͽձ̰́܁)ѡɔȁݡٕȁ݅́ȁqЁ͕ٔ)ѡɽ՝ɔt͡ͅ)Q䁵ЁѼѡɸ͡ѼѡɕЁх͔)ɽݸЁѕݥѠݡєэ̸qQ́́ ȳt͡ͅ)Mͽ́éѡЁչȁѡ͗éݕ)鱔%ЁՍЁٕ́͡ɕ!Ѽ ˊe)́ѡݕɔѥհɽݸ̸(