Shantih Journal 2.1 - Page 59

What do you wish somebody would’ve told you years ago? Hmm. Honestly, to enjoy being a teenager and a college student. I’ve loved the past seven years, don’t get me wrong. At the same time, I wish I’d on occasion just closed my laptop and had a bit more fun! Congratulations on the chapbook! Is there an aspect of the publishing experience you’ve loved or had a strong reaction to? Thank you! Definitely—Makeshift Cathedral was the first chapbook I wrote with a distinct trajectory and a defined plan. I hope that shines through! I’m proud of Makeshift Cathedral, and I really hope that the stories of LGBT+ violence chronicled in the chapbook encourage people (allies and potential allies, as well as oppressors) to stop and think more about the people around them. We want to thank you for being so generous in sharing your work with us at SHANTIH. We strive to showcase work that underscores the importance of peace – whether that is personal, political, or societal. What does “peace” mean for you and do you feel such a definition is possible in our world? The stunning poet Max Ritvo ended his poem “Poem to My Litter” with an exceptional definition of peace: “If a whole lot / of nothing happens to you … that’s peace. / Which is what we want. Trust me.” 59