Shantih Journal 2.1 - Page 37

turned in the sheets of the hospital bed. “Sometimes seizures are not epilepsy, but have psychological causes and—” “So you ignore my calls, but come in here to tell me I’m crazy.” “I’m sorry. I’ve been busy. I’m doing my residency here, and saw your name on the door. I looked into your case because I’m worried. There are certain things doctors don’t always know to look for because they never really know their patients, and this might be something like one of those things. I’m trying to help.” David didn’t say anything else. What was the point? His friend was now completely working for the conspirators, here to undermine the truth, here with purely malicious intent. Fairfax squeezed David’s foot through the bed sheets and left with a sigh, “Get better, okay?” David couldn’t be sure if he was right about Fairfax’s motives, but when they were friends, Fairfax warned David about searching for the truth, and David wanted to honor that. When checking his mail after returning from the hospital, he opened a letter from the DMV informing him that his license was suspended until his seizures were under control. The doctors had started him on a low dose of Phenobarbital, an epilepsy medication. Intent on seeing Natasha again, he rode two buses to Joann’s Fabrics. Neither Natasha nor the cashier was still there. The cashier must have been killed for showing the conspirators his knowledge of the holodecks and that he was dangerous enough to reveal the plot to others. Unfortunately for him, he made the mistake David did and thought Natasha must have been a nonperson illusion. A woman in a lab coat punches numbers into a cash register. “You’ve taken this medication before. Do you need me to explain anything?” the pharmacist asks without making eye contact. “No,” David says offering his debit card, “Wait. Can I still drink alcohol while on this?” “No,” she swipes his card. “What if I skip a dose and then drink?” 37