Shantih Journal 2.1 - Page 33

“I never slept with a girl named Ashley, but—” “Bullshit.” Fairfax looked stunned. David wondered what he looked like to Fairfax at that moment. “Fine, don’t believe me, but Diane does an excellent impersonation of Rattrap, and I loved Beast Wars as a kid.” The list was returned to its rightful owner; the door closed, and David was alone with what his careless comments had done. It’s the middle of the day, so nobody else is on the creaking city bus David is taking to the pharmacy. There are trees and children and honking horns outside the window, but they are just lies of no immediate importance, so David ignores them to check his Facebook on his phone. As the bus bounces around he sees that Fairfax is engaged. From the woman’s pictures it doesn’t seem like she has a prime number of pets. David doesn’t know whether it’s okay to comment on this. They don’t have that kind of relationship anymore. They remained friends after graduation until David started telling him about the holodecks. That was weeks before his accident. He thought about that conversation and wondered if he could have done anything differently. They had been sitting in a Starbucks when David, for reasons he now regrets, had told Fairfax the secret about the universe being crafted with holograms, actors, and lies. “Holodecks? Like in Star Trek?” Fairfax looked at him with more concern than disbelief. “Kind of. Crappier. Some things are real. Illusions fill in the rest, and I think we can walk into other people’s holodecks. So maybe it’s not crappier, but different. I don’t know for sure. I don’t know if I can know for sure.” Fairfax gave David a hug, “Look. I’m real. No one is conspiring against you. Nobody likes you that much.” David didn’t buy it. “You’ll never be happy if you keep thinking like this.” David hugged Fairfax in return. He understood his old roommate’s veiled F&VB&WBFR67&F'2F6Rg&6RbfR30