Shantih Journal 2.1 - Page 25

projections can feel real, but that was just science fiction. Perhaps the unique warmth of human touch was too advanced for the technology of the conspirators. He imagined that there must be persons and nonpersons in the holodeck, some people and the rest illusions. He felt he might never be able to tell if the real people were actors or other people like himself, trapped in the conspiracy. Could people walk into each other’s holodecks? Was it one big network of revolving rooms? Now a gothic girl in fishnet fingerless gloves with raven hair and tight black skinny jeans sits next to David on the crowded bus. She’s young. Too young to drink, but old enough to buy cigarettes. She spreads her legs. Her right leg is touching his left. He can feel her denim against his as well as her heat. He knows he is supposed to move his leg, but he pretends he doesn’t notice. Maybe she doesn’t notice. Maybe she does. She is real, and so is he, and in this moment they are touching. They are 6V7FVBࠐFfB6Vv2&vVB&&VB6Vv2R7G'VvvW2Fv&FRVvWBFRv&V2W'6VbfWr6W2v2V606R6FR'W26VBW"v&FVfW2FfB2vVBfWp֖WFW2FF&WBFR7'VVGbF2VB&Vf&RFR'W2G&2ЦfbBFR7FFB266W7BF2F7F.( 2ff6Rࠐ6גG6Rg&FRF7F"FW&^( 2VVv&W77W&RF7&VFR֖B6'FǒƗfVB6V6RbFVW&GW&R6vf6FǒvW FFR&VBFVW&GW&Rv6bFR6VBFW&7FB267W&FR2cFVw&VW2vF&vbFVw&VW2f"&VBfbW'&"FRF7F VfW2FFvFWfW"B2F7F'2vFFF"66W2FfB2VgBPvFFR֗66VVW2GfW'F6VVG2g&G'Vr6W2FRwV6Pbf&FfR&VfW&V6R6'G2FRFגbFRW'fR6V2'&VvBF𦆖'Ǘ&66'BvFFRW66W2bFR&G2&fFVB'6V67VGW&Rbv( 2F'67WBb2&fFVB'6WFr6V@6V6VRࠐFR7G&vVW72bFR7FW'2w&w22FfBG&W2F'V"FPFvFW72WBb2V6bFW6RFw26( F22W"&G( vFFRW6WFbFR&6V7FbFRvFB2B2&GPF2brWBbFR6WW2R2V&W"bFRV7BGG&7FfRRFW7FRF2vW&VB7FF&BR7Ff26'Bb&Vr66WF&P#