Shantih Journal 2.1 - Page 23

idea in the hypothetical, David was supposed to assume that it was not what was actually happening. Reality was real, and the professor’s words were merely a thought exercise. Maybe science fiction was designed just to falsify a truth he wasn’t supposed to know. When someone asks: “What if?” they also say: “This is not.” It seemed to David that a real philosopher would have simply stated that there is, in fact, a possibility that we are all brains in vats. He viewed this other approach as a form of gas lighting; a direct and intentional attack on his world view. David wasn’t so easily fooled. Looking at his poster of Japanese pop-icon Miku Hatsune he simply said, “That doesn’t make sense.” He anthropomorphized the gods that make him suffer, perhaps in an attempt to position himself in control of them. But why would these gods care about him? If they were wanting to study something, why would they make him live such a repetitive life? Surely, with the mass of days which were almost identical, they would have enough data by now. Did they need his mind for a product? Was he part of a test? Maybe they need the code he writes for work, and he’s become some kind of grotesque silk worm spinning lines of code rather than lines of silk. Wouldn’t they know David often exaggerates his time estimates to accommodate time to watch anime? This made David wonder if he was lying to those who were using him, then maybe his computer lied about how much time it took for his code to compile or his files to download, so it could have more time and processing power to talk to the computer’s friends on the internet. Computers have all sorts of weird and sometimes malicious processes that pop up all the time. Not even a computer scientist could know the exact natures of all of them because they come from everywhere. Maybe David was a rogue application infected with something that could bring the whole system down. Miku Hatsune continued to offer her silent, two dimensional smile. There was a clear lack of technology for this conspiracy to be true. If they wanted his code, then why didn’t they just use his brain’s processing power? Did he really need to be allowed personality or a sense of existence? Maybe they could only control him from certain parts of his brain. They could possibly milk the code from him by capturing the motor 23