Shanghai Running Magazine Volume 3 - Page 37

A Note from the Editor Firstly I would like to apologize about the magazine being a few weeks later than expected. It might not look like it but there is a huge amount of work that goes into this. It’s not just trying to get the content form the contributors, which is excellent and we thank you all, but there is a lot of time and work needed to actually put it into a format that looks a bit like a magazine (especially for someone like me who has no design skills and has to re-learn how to use Adobe CS every time I do this!). As we all have full time jobs and travel extensively, this really is a part time “hobby” for us but we appreciate your patience  The last few months have been pretty crazy for all of us. I personally haven’t been in any one country for more than a week or so and the rest of the team have also been running around like idiots for their normal jobs, so we are all pretty happy that we have managed to put on a few races that we hope you have enjoyed. The content for this edition is great. The Medoc Marathon review from Dave Dudek is not only entertaining but it really captures the whole spirit of the race. I for one will be doing it at some point, running and wine, what else do you need… Olya Korzh has taken time out from her busy schedule to write about her excellent victory in the Dali Ultra, which again sounds fabulous. For those who don’t know Olya, she is definitely one of the best female Ultra Runners in Asia, runs with Team Salomon in HK and is a full time translator, wow! Ray Heraty continues his regular column “I learned from running that…” which is always insightful and really captures some of the issues we all face as runners. Will Marks, a regular winner in Shanghai Running races tells us all about the North Korea Half Marathon in Pyongyang, which he also won, the first time foreigners have been invited to do the race, so good show. We also have excellent articles from the other regular contributors Tori Widdowson of Transition Events fame, and Victor Rowse from Prime Fitness, and excellent articles from Lisa Mulvey , Anne Gheleyns and John. We thank you all With the year end rapidly approaching we still have a couple of events left to organize. We have the 4th and final Park Race for the year on the 30th November at Binjiang Forest Park. This is the last chance to get those points for the final leader board so good luck; which brings me to the second event, the Grand Prize Ceremony for the Park Race Series. We will be hosting this on the 6th of December but we are still negotiating the venue, more details to follow. As you know, this is a free publication and we can only put it out if we have enough content to make it worthwhile. The magazine is read by Shanghai Runners, your local community. This adds something a little special we feel as you probably know, or know of, the people who take time to write for us. You have probably done, or will do, the races they talk about, wear the gear that is reviewed, run the same trails and basically enjoy the same pastimes. Please help out in any way you can to make this a success. Write a race review, tell us about your favourite trails, send in photos of your experiences, we are open to everything. Well that’s it for now, I hope you enjoy the publication, feedback always welcome. Mark Woodward © Shanghai Running 2014 37