Shanghai Running Magazine Volume 3 - Page 33

more trails are disappearing under the concrete steps. This is a sad fact, but, on the bright side, as a Hong Kong based runner, I found myself better equipped for running and could carry on running – Hooray! But keep an eye on those rocks! On the next day the Award ceremony was held in Three Pagodas Court Hotel’s ballroom. Top 10 finishers, male and female, received very useful and valuable gifts from the sponsors. The finishing touch was a lavish banquet with variety of local dishes including plenty of vegetarian choices. I highly recommend this race and I would love to do it again next year. The rumour has it that the route may be further improved to include even more beautiful mountain trails. Let’s wait and see! Happy running! Olya Korzh down the steps than most competitors and managed to improve my position by a few points on that section. Soon we reached a small village and CP3. A quick refill and refuel and on to a somewhat monotonous switchback road dotted with small rocks. It is very easy to trip over small rocks as they get under your feet and it is impossible to keep an eye on all of them. Running down this long village road, turn after turn after turn, my mind wondered to places far-far away up until the moment when – bang! – I found myself flat down on the ground busy identifying the exact location of pain and wondering how bad the damage was. A fellow-runner kindly stopped and helped me on my feet. He was really super nice and helpful, and I wish I remembered his name to thank him here. After slowly getting up and taking a few timid steps, it seemed like this time I got away with scratches and bruises and just a little blood shedding At CP4 the race medic kindly offered to clean my wounds, but I was not in the mood for any cleaning with just one hill left to climb before the finish. Sharp turn right and up the hill. This hill may look like a little pimple on the race elevation map, but don’t be fooled, because this is when the fatigue kicks in and it really gets to you. The climb was hard, but I could smell the finish line already. Soon the trail rejoined with the original Section 2 and back tracked for some time. A flat stone-laid country park trail which would favour a marathon-fit runner, down many flights of steps, some more steps, a right turn, and finally back into the town and on to the finish. The race ended at the Three Pagodas Court Hotel just a couple of blocks away from the Start. There was a red carpet, loud music, a stage for photo taking, a white wall for runners’ signatures, a fashionable lime green Li-Ning jacket for each finisher, and a real feast of freshly cooked food, fruit, drinks and snacks at the finish. © Shanghai Running 2014 Team Salomon Hong Kong TOP 5 MEN RESULT– 50km Ultra SkyMarathon® Bed Bahadur Sunuwar (NEP) 6h14’53” (CR) WANG Shao Lu (CHN) 6h45’22” CHEN Jian (CHN) 7h32’35” MA Liang Wu (CHN) 7h41’38” HONG Wen Xun (CHN) 8h22’46” TOP 5 WOMEN RESULT – 50km Ultra SkyMarathon® Olya Korzh (RUS) 8h30’54” (CR) YIN Ping (CHN) 10h13’39” TU Jian Fang (CHN) 10h32’20” YI Zhong (CHN) 11h12’51” LI Hong Lin (CHN) 11h57’34” RACE WEB-SITE: http://www. 33