Shanghai Running Magazine Volume 3 - Page 30

stopped at them all - which were all reds but one and they were spectacular (and by the end even better and I still felt no pain – ok maybe a bit of a buzz by then). They all had live music some rock bands or a person singing, some jazz etc. We even had some gourmet food at some of the wineries including steak, oysters, cheese and ice-cream. I was jogging slowly between the châteaux and many of my friends would pass me I would stop for a shorter time for wine and pass them and this continued for the next 25 or so km. During that time I tried to find a runner who wasn’t wearing a costume and I never saw a person in just normal running gear – everyone was dressed up having fun / this was not definitely not a typical marathon. The last 10km I caught up with my Kiwi friend (not the KBC) this was her first marathon and she didn’t train much and was struggling a bit so I decided to run (and mostly walk) the last part of the course. We ended back up in Pauillac and checking time we still had about 20min to finish we picked up the pace a little at the end and finished together. It was her first marathon and we finished in 6hours 11min which actually placed us in top 45% of all the participants (about 2k did not finish in time) and we were also the first out of my group to finish. It was my slowest marathon by far but I really enjoyed the festivities and I didn’t have pain so was great to get some distance on my legs which hadn’t done any mileage in 2 months. Instead of medals you receive a Medoc carved labelled wooden box of wine and really nice engraved extra large wine glasses. interested in this as a payout – they’d only get a few bottles). I checked the times and if you completed this quite flat course in 4hours you would be in the top 96.5% of finishers – but again you’d waste the best part of the course. My friends all finished behind me and the Kiwi – the Pogue who lives in SH though had a great story. She ran just in front of the cut off gate - since the weather ended up in the upper 20s and all sun they added 30min to the cut off time. She ended up being the last person through the finish as they closed the gates, she still was able to enjoy the 22 wine stops and was given a bottle of wine and glasses at the end and then they still had free beer just to add a little flavor on our pallets at the end. The winner came in at 2hr 28min which really is a bit of a waste – they do however receive their weight in wine (probably why Kenyans are not This was such a super experience which I would highly suggest but take your time (ie all 6.5 hours) and go with friends – I am already targeting a return for 2016. The theme for 2015 was just announced and 12 September 15 is “The Medoc marathon dressed up to the nines!” To see a video of the start click on the link below: index.php 30 © Shanghai Running 2014