Shanghai Running Magazine Volume 3 - Page 29

Dragons with 15 people, parade style floats 2 levels high one of these was of Roman Emperor Nero with about 10 minions – they were going to push this 42km??? The countdown started, samba music blaring, 3 2 1 – then fireworks, jet fly by and even explosions of confetti for the start – just brilliant. Took a few minute to get to the start and we were off. Unfortunately I had been diagnosed via MRI of a stress fracture in my right foot and was advised by my Orthopedic Dr. not to run for 3 months. I had not run for 2 months and my plan was to quickly walk the first 3k then cut across the looped marathon and join back at about 21k and continue walking the 2nd half. The first 2k went quite slow and my walk was keeping up with the slow joggers though my group went ahead and I was hoping to see them in the late stages of the marathon. As the pace started to pick up I got caught up in the moment and decided there wasn’t much difference of pressure on the foot of a fast walk vs a slow jog so I started jogging and didn’t feel pain. The first châteaux was about 6k in and they were serving red wine in glasses with a decent 1/3 glass pour. This was an incredible place on a hill overlooking the grand inlet Gironde Estuary and they had live music performers playing some classical instruments. I decided since I was near the back that I wouldn’t stop for a wine and continued on. At the 9k mark was the second stop another sensational châteaux, red wine in glasses, live music and all the costumed runners were stopped having a drink and just having a great time. The weather was now Mid 20s and all sun and was quite hot – I was already sweating pretty profusely in my fashionable red fishnet stockings and size 1 red tutu which I somehow managed to fit around my waist. Unfortunately the fishnet stockings were now causing some serious chaffing and I was very concerned this would only get worse. © Shanghai Running 2014 As luck happened at about 12k mark the 3rd châteaux I caught up with some of my group who were aghast that I was running (but I had no pain). I asked around and someone in my group had glide and I was able to keep the chaffing at a point of limited pain. I was so happy after the application which I had to shove my hand down my extreme