Shanghai Running Magazine Volume 3 - Page 26

Runner of the Quarter – Jonathan Bradley do still pulls me through. In Shanghai I just try to keep things ticking over. Whilst living in China what has been your favourite race and why? How often do you run each week and what is your weekly training mileage? The shanghai runners events of course! And I did enjoy the Jinqiaio fun run as well because the atmosphere was what it should be - Fun! Shanghai is so hard to run outside and I don’t do gyms full stop. So motivation is a huge barrier. But I push myself to do a minimum of 3 runs per week and I walk as much as possible during the day. I am also lucky to have found a group of runners to go out with at a weekend and that forces me to get myself out the door, whatever the weather! What are your current running goals? How long have you been living in China? Two years. How long have you been running and why did you start running? Twenty years. I started running to keep fit and found I enjoyed it. What do you love most about running? Staying fit and an opportunity to be outdoors. After a tough day at work I go for a run to work through issues. It helps clear my mind. Many times faced with an issue I’ve gone for a run and come back knowing exactly what to do next! We selected you for runner of the quarter for your outstanding performance in the Gucun Park Half Marathon. A competitor in the 50 – 59 age category beating all the under 40 and under 50 runners is a fantastic achievement. What do you put your success down to? I’ve lost a lot of speed over the years but I’m sure all the training I used to 26 My next event is aptly named the Moronathon, where a team of 6 will run for 24 hours. Last year we clocked over 300kms as a team which I thought was very impressive. The majority of us are going to have a crack at this again. Last year I got an injury 24 hours before the event started so this year I’m determined to enjoy it more. What has been your best ever running experience? I have some great memories from running so it’s hard to pick out one. I do remember running the Jungfrau marathon and the wheels coming off and then 5 years later going back to put matters to right and running a stormer. That was very nice. What has been your best running experience whilst living in China? I was on vacation in Zhejiang Province and arriving late afternoon went for a run that ran up and around the Yunhe rice terraces. It was totally spontaneous but to be amongst the clear air and countryside felt very special. © Shanghai Running 2014 Do you have a favourite place to run in Shanghai? All my running alone is along the Suzhou River as I can get there from my home OK. With friends we sometimes go to Xuhui district and the South Bund which has the benefit of being traffic free. Last year I did a lot of running on Changxing Island. A car is a must to get there but it’s possible to complete a 30km run non-stop free of traffic.  What do you like best about the Shanghai Running Events? The Shanghai Runner events are easy going fun events. They are a good work out with the support and encouragement of others.  Would you recommend the Shanghai Running events to other young runners? Of course! How do you think Shanghai Running could further enhance running in Shanghai? Keeping a fun relaxed atmosphere is important whatever direction Shanghai runners events go in. No matter ones level everyone should feel this is an event for me.  Interview by Mike Morris Race Director-Shanghai Running