Shanghai Running Magazine Volume 3 - Page 24

Detoxing For Runners By John your ‘toxic load’ and remove from your bodies some of the harmful substances that you may be sucking back on a regular basis. S o most of us who live in Shanghai spend a lot of time outside, it’s one of those cities where life happens on the street. Even though I can’t always ‘feel’ it, I’m concerned about the potential impact that the “fresh” Shanghai air is having on my body. Of course this is mostly unavoidable whether you are a frequent runner or just another commuter. I certainly support any effort to reduce ones exposure to this stuff, but for many, the inconvenience and discomfort of something like a facemask seems to keep many people from wearing them regularly. I imagine this is even more so for runners or others who get their exercise outside. So the question becomes, once it gets in our bodies, how do we get it out? This consideration often gets overlooked by many people, who resign themselves to suffer whatever negative impacts the air here may be having. But take heart! There are things that can be done to reduce 24 I love experimenting with this stuff, and there are so many interesting (and enjoyable) ways to get these toxins out of your body, and they don’t all involve some sort of juice or smoothie (though they can certainly help)! Of course sometimes the glut of solutions can be a bit confusing, so here I’m going to stick with four methods that I have tried, which are fairly well recognized as being effective, and which provide © Shanghai Running 2014 many auxiliary health benefits. Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) bath – Magnesium is something most people are deficient in, and this is one of the most efficient (and enjoyable) ways of making sure you are getting enough. Of course it presumes you have access to a bath, but if you do, add two cups of Epsom Salt and sit back and relax. The skin is one of our main elimination pathways, and the combination of the heat, and the Epsom Salt serves to draw toxins out of the body. Additionally, Epson Salt baths have also been shown to ease stress, improve sleep, reduce inflammation, improve nutrient absorption, relieve pain and cramping and much more! I recommend using a skin brush afterwards to remove any toxic residues that may remain on the skin.