Shanghai Running Magazine Volume 3 - Page 20

Free Race Pudong 5th April 2014 A race directors perspective by Mark Woodward away before the race start. After a quick stop in Metro to pick up 10kg of flour, organic of course, I met Mike and we made our way to the small park on the east side of Longyang Lu station. It is always a little tricky starting any run from a public park as the security guards can go either way. They either call all of their O n April 5th of this year we had scheduled our first Trail Race in Suzhou, unfortunately there was a national holiday that clashed with the date which could have meant 3hrs plus in the bus each way! We decided that no-one in their right mind would have enjoyed that so instead set a free, in-town race around the rapidly disappearing old village areas in Pudong. This is an area I know extremely well as it was my old training ground when I lived “across the water”. It’s a real shame that the whole area is so close to town and the Maglev station that is has become prime real estate land as this was probably the nearest place to Shanghai downtown that you could actually hit a few dirt trails and run through real working villages. As such, before it completely disappears we thought some of you would enjoy seeing a part of the city that most never will. We set off with our bags of flour and sticks of chalk along Longyang Lu to the underpass and through the gardens, throwing flour every 10mtrs or We arrived pretty early to set the trail, but as this was an impromptu event, the trail markings we normally use wouldn’t really work so well. As all of the Shanghai Running team are hashers (see page 18) we decided to set the trail using the format we do on the hash, in flour and chalk, and hoped that the local cleaners would not have time to sweep everything 20 mates up to laugh at the idiots who are running around or they try and move you on so that they can sleep in peace without any agro. Luckily for us the security was away for the day so we felt confident we co [Z