Shanghai Running Magazine Volume 3 - Page 16

cont... I Learned About Running From That We swear off long distance running. We’re going to take a long break from any running at all. We’re moving so slowly we have plenty of time to talk about why we foolishly signed up for this race. Maybe we’re trying to stave off middle age (too late!), maybe we’re trying to prove something to ourselves or those we love. But at the end of the day running is just about you and distance (and the people you throw up on). And for every miserable hour of running there are dozens of enjoyable ones. The feeling of crossing that finish line can’t be matched by many other aspects of life. The most remarkable thing though is that those miserable hours spent on the trail are forgotten almost immediately. I’ve known this for a while which is why I made that video in the Tenshi mountains. Even then, even though I know tough times are ahead I also know I also know I’m going to keep going back. I’m going to keep pushing the distance or the time or the vertical. No video warning is going to stop me from being perfectly miserable all over again somewhere far into some other, new, outrageously difficult race. Despite swearing off ultras late in the evening near the finish line of the Kettle 100, the next day in bed I signed up for two more ultra-distance races in the fall. And as for Jeff? Two weeks after the Kettle he lined up for the start of the Mohican 100, the second of four races needed to complete the Midwest grand slam. Next time you are in the middle of the run from hell, remember that the pain will pass, the suffering will be forgotten and you’ll be enjoying running again soon enough. 16 © Shanghai Running 2014