Shanghai Running Magazine volume 1, Q1 2014 - Page 8

Travel Plus+ Run Abroad Much? Assured Alliance Travel Plus+ provides its members with a wide range of benefits including: *US$5 Million cover per individual member per annum *100% Medical Cover worldwide (Incl. USA)* *Evacuation & Assistance with *Free Travel Concierge Service Emergency Medical Assistance (EMA) *Hello Doctor Online Medical Advisory Service *Emergency Dental Treatment *Medical and Additional Expenses *Cancellation Benefit *Missed Departure and Travel Delay: *Personal Liability & Accident *Personal Baggage and Effects SPECIAL PRICE 10% DISCOUNT for Shanghai Running Members Quote SR2014 *Personal Accident *Daily Hospital Treatment *Optional Visa Medipay Card *Non age-related standard premiums Travel Plus+ Family Annual Cover (US$5 Million per member) Annual Travel- $195 Annual Travel with Card- $295 Copyright Shanghai Running 2013. 8