Shanghai Running Magazine volume 1, Q1 2014 - Page 27

Shanghai Running, We Run Shanghai Cont... I could just make out in the dirty mirror the driver taking a 1.2 meter large stick and hit the engine like a he was swinging 6s during a Mark Waugh century (or for the Indians readers a Sachin Tendulkar double century). As he was smashing the engine with full swings I had a flashback to Detroit quality of cars in the 70s. I had to do similar tricks to engine and manifolds on goats, k-cars and Fixed Or Repaired Daily (Ford) cars with ballpeen hammers back in my childhood to start these cars in cold winter months. I get another flashback to my finish in the Olympic stadium of the Amsterdam marathon this year when crossing the finish line where I hear the song “Put your Hands Up for Detroit... It‟s a Beautiful City” blasting f