Shanghai Running Magazine volume 1, Q1 2014 - Page 26

Shanghai Running, We Run Shanghai Cont... From this stopover we headed west and the road turned to dirt for only 1km with quite a bit of pot holes and some rocks – it is here we passed Ta Phrom (made famous by Angelina J‟s L. Croft Tomb Raider being filmed here). This is a must see – extremely intriguing juxtaposition of forest overgrowing an ancient structure. You only pass the outside during the race but you can still witness some of the intercourse between nature and human creation from the road. Next we passed through the Victory Gate of Angkor Thom where the small bus barely managed to fit past as these gates were originally used by the ancient Khumer who rode Elephants through them. A few KM later we arrived at our next destination which was next to the Elephant Terrace. Back 800 years this is where the ruling king custom built an elevated platform ie “grandstand” for performances including elephant tournaments. We could also