Shanghai Running Magazine volume 1, Q1 2014 - Page 25

Mystery Race Review Shanghai Running, We Run Shanghai Angkor Wat Half Marathon: By D.S Monday 2 December 13 @ 9:00pm I was having a Cambodian happy pizza moment, my mind transfixed on a faded memory a few days earlier during my border entry into Siem Reap from Singapore. I recollect purchasing my Cambodian entry visa over the internet including directions to provide one to the immigration officer and keep one for the exit procedures. My flashback confirmed I handed over two copies and didn‟t receive one back – which made my stomach churn a bit. Not much I could do; I‟ve had some crazy immigration issues in the past (Thailand, Mongolia, Zanzibar as of recent) but they all seemed to work out. So my mind starts to change focus from holiday to work mode and I remember I was asked to write a short (500 words) race report for Shanghai Running. I can advise that this author was thrilled to be asked to write a piece on the AngkorWat½ Marathon. I am excited and a bit nervous as this was the 1st time I‟ve been asked to write a race report and I am also a fairly new runner. My running acumen changed over the past 3 years when some of the Shanghai Running founders dragged me from an occasional 10k hasher (drinking club with a running problem) to becoming an Ultra marathoner. I am probably a just above average runner from a speed perspective – my fastest marathon was a 3:19 20 years ago and my two most recent marathons have