Shanghai Running Magazine volume 1, Q1 2014 - Page 14

Shanghai Running, We Run Shanghai Profile Volunteer of the Quarter-Zara Dang: By Mark Woodward Why did you come to Shanghai and how long have you been here? I came to Shanghai for and adventure but it turned out to be quite a surprise. I've been here for nearly 1.5 years. How long have you been running and why did you start running? It's my dirty little secret that I actually used to hate running. I grew up as a competitive swimmer and was often heard saying that "I only run when I'm in danger". After university I also took up cycling and decided I'd like to try a triathlon. The only problem was I would need to run. A few of my running friends took me under their wing and mile by (painful!) mile I worked my way up to a half marathon. What do you love most about running? I love that you can do it anywhere and with very little gear and almost no money spent. Since moving to Shanghai, running is my main form of exercise because it's very difficult to find a safe X