Shanghai Running Magazine volume 1, Q1 2014 - Page 13

Profile Shanghai Running, We Run Shanghai Runner of the Quarter-Bridget Waters: By Mark Woodward Why did you come to Shanghai and how long have you been here? I came to Shanghai at the start of August 2011 and so have now been in Shanghai for a total of 28 months. How long have you been running and why did you start running? I began running from a very young age: as an energetic toddler and child which I mostly inherited through my fathers side of the family. I have always been active, although through my teenage years, I became slightly less enthused towards sports, however after a few years spent being lazy I realised it did not become me and I missed the buzz that one gets from being active, so initially I began circuit training and cycling and then back in to running. What do you love most about running? What has been your best running experience? I love everything about running: it is my life (along with other sports) and I would never have it any way. I love the feeling before, during and after running mentality and physically - nothing comes close to the adrenalin rush and "buzz", that one gets after a good running session and also the butterflies one encounters in their stomach just before the whistle blows at the start of any race. I guess for as long as I look after my self and stay healthy I shall maintain this running morality even when I become old and find it difficult to run, I shall always try and do something to challenge my body. My greatest running experience was coming first on sports day as a child, in year 2 of primary school and I beat all the boys and was not even out of breath: it was then at a young age I realised that there was no better feeling of staying active and being able to keep a smile on one's face-) Since moving to China what has been your favourite and least favourite race, and why? My favourite race whilst living in Shanghai: was the Moganshan Triathlon, this May 2013. The view is spectacular: I was doing my two favourite things: running and swimming outdoors with nature at its best. My least favourite race - I am not obliged to say - I may offend someone! You have been to all the Shanghai Running events so far, what do you like best about our events? I have been to all the Shanghai running events - I love them all: very well organised and lovely park routes, great fun for both me and my students. You come to our races with your students. Why do you think it is important for the kids to get involved? What are your current running goals? My current running goals are to listen more to my body and treat it like a temple. I watch what I eat, however I also indulge in moderation - which I feel is the key. The saying goes...."your body is like a car, you only get one for life, so you must look after it...." and for me running seems to do the trick! What is your favourite regular training run in Shanghai? I love the Korean bath house: "New Star" which is near to my home: and I regularly use their indoor gym. I train with free weights, some yoga, an uphill gradient treadmill medium/fast paced run (1k 4 min pace - 8-14K) followed by a hot steam, sauna and then a relaxing swim in a very hot pool! Copyright Shanghai Running 2013. I live for sport - and I feel blessed to be able to be ok at something I love. As a teaching professional it seems only natural to pass on my skills: I believe that children learn from what they see: it‟s important that we as educators are good role models: I train with my students and will continue to support them - as my teachers did for me growing up! How do you think Shanghai Running could further enhance run- ning in Shanghai? Advertise - lots and lots - word of mouth works - but also with fliers, an easy accessible website - in sports shops and gyms - would all work - particularly when attracting the expat community! Thank you Bridget, we look forward to seeing you in February in Binjiang 13