Shanghai Running Magazine volume 1, Q1 2014 - Page 12

Training Shanghai Running, We Run Shanghai Speed Training, Why We Do It: By Neil Fraser Author: Neil Fraser, HeyRunning On&Off Track Manager & Level 4 HeyRunning Coach Contact: Hey! Hope training, racing and general shape is GREAT! If not, that‟s okay too! Whether you‟re just starting out as a runner or now looking to take your training to the next level then a varied training program is key! One of the most important elements of your weekly schedule should be speed training! As a running coach, I‟m always hearing runners say, “I don‟t need to do speed training because I only run long distances”, sometimes this can be true for ultra-marathon runners, but for the majority of us introducing weekly doses of speed will get us to the finish line faster! As runners, while often being adventurous individuals, our training routine might become repetitive & chances are the majority of us run on the same roads or the same treadmill at the same speed each time we train. Although this might be convenient & familiar, we‟re only using a small set of the same muscles & our training is not progressing. The training effect is minimal & we‟re not developing our potential as much as we could do! Speed training for runners of all distance & discipline is absolutely essential! After all, speed work doesn‟t just make you run faster. It helps with your overall fitness, increases the range of movement in your joints, teaches your body to adapt to running different speeds & the best of all…it will train your body to run harder for longer! Decide to leave speed training out of your weekly routine & you might question why your times aren‟t improving and why you‟re beaten to the finish line by your competitors! One of the key points to speed training is to ensure quality not quantity! To give you an idea, speed training should not account for more than 15% of your total weekly mileage. So tally up your weekly miles & see where a speed session would work best! You‟ve already got a solid base of fitness – now it‟s time to sharpen up! Examples of three key speed sessions: Pyramid: 600m *2, 400m *2, 200m *2, 100m *2. Rest: 45 seconds - 1 minute after each interval Hill Sprints: 1minute up *8, 45seconds up *6, 30seconds up *4. Recovery is a slow jog / fast walk back to the bottom! Tip: if you can‟t find a hill then use a long bridge! Long & Shorts: Find a soccer pitch – run the long ends at speed & the short ends as a walk/jog recovery. Aim for 4 loops of the pitch before resting for 90 seconds and repeating *4! Now, lace up your shoes and get out there for some speed training! Good luck with your training & hope to catch you for a run soon! The HeyRunning Team HeyRunning is China’s largest international and Chinese running community with weekly sessions in Beijing & Shanghai and up to three 8-week HeyRunning Camps per year, helping you get in shape for races or back up & running again! For more tips or if you want to join us for a run soon then check out or email for more info! To see an increase in speed, most runners need to improve their running stride, posture & technique as well as focusing on maximizing the effectiveness of specific muscle groups! These are some of our favourite speed sessions – give them a try and you‟ll soon notice the shift in gear! Copyright Shanghai Running 2013. 12