SEVENSEAS Marine Conservation & Travel Issue 22, March 2017 - Page 87

After returning from Poland, Chase realized the multi-pronged engagement role he plays in multiple initiatives. To say it is extensive would be an understatement. Here is just a glimpse:

●NOAA National Weather Service – facilitating the connection with the lifesaving community and working to build an outreach model for protecting our communities and oceans.

●Unified Team – engaging people with spinal cord injuries to participate in surf lifesaving sports.

●World Conservation Society New York Aquarium, New York Seascape, Hudson Canyon MPA – facilitating information that impacts the marine community in a positive way.

●Red Bull Wings for Life – supporting research and studies about spinal cord injuries.

The list of connected organizations is just as extensive and includes Seafood Watch, Ocean Today, Blue Mind and the Bacharach Rehabilitation Hospital.

Bruckner Chase is currently based in Ocean City, NJ and is always accompanied on his ocean swims by his wife Michelle, who is also an avid ocean athlete, and provides coaching and logistics during his swims.

This spring you can expect to see both of them at the Red Bull Surf and Rescue Competition which is held annually in New Jersey as well as at events in Delaware and Maryland.

“The ocean rewards us with unique opportunities and the ocean loves wisdom,” says Chase. “If we gain more wisdom, we will better understand the ocean. It takes a community to create positive action.”

March 2017 - Sustainable Travel