SEVENSEAS Marine Conservation & Travel Issue 22, March 2017 - Page 73

tourism takes place in marine and coastal environments. This requires tour operators to be committed to the area where they operate for the long run, and to have a vision where environmental protection features highly.

Marine protected areas are needed everywhere, and the example of Antarctica could be replicated where tour operators (and eventually their customers) are willing and able to promote marine protection politically, practically, and in other ways.

LT&C will inform participants about specific positive activities of tour operators and related progress in completing the ring of MPAs around Antarctica.

This  LT&C-Example is authorized and coordinated by Dr. Ricardo Roura. For more information  contact him and explore the websites of the Antarctic and Southern Oceans Coalition, the Antarctic Oceans Alliance,  and CCAMLR

Photo Captions:

Page 68: Weddel Seal, Peter Prokosch. Blue whale feeding, Peter Prokosch. Page 70: Adelie Penguin, Peter Prokosch Page 71: Leopard Seal, Peter Prokosch. Below left: Tourists at Argentinian station Almirante Brown, Antarctic Peninsula. Photo: Peter Prokosch Below center: CCAMLR planning domains Below right: Celebrating the success of the Ross Sea MPA. Photo: Christopher Michel/Antarctic Ocean Alliance

March 2017 - Sustainable Travel