SEVENSEAS Marine Conservation & Travel Issue 22, March 2017 - Page 25

romsø, Norway, which has also been called the Gateway to the Arctic or the Paris of the North, has become a popular tourist destination for many people. At 69° N, it lies well above the Arctic Circle and is the easiest destination to get to that far north.

Although a wonderful place to visit in the summer, wintertime in Tromsø is truly magical. Due to its coastal location, Tromsø’s winters are relatively mild in temperature, and it is a great destination for those wanting to see a lot of snow. Winter also brings days of darkness, but the darkness allows for views of the magnificent northern lights that

dance frequently across the sky. For people who enjoy indoor

activities, there are a variety of museums, an aquarium,

stores, and restaurants to interest anyone. But the

most special activities take place outdoors.

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March 2017 - Sustainable Travel