SEVENSEAS Marine Conservation & Travel Issue 22, March 2017 - Page 113

February 2017 - Sustainable Tourism


Raja Ampat and Banda Sea Biodiversity Cruise

Explore more than 1,100 miles of the biodiverse Banda Sea and Raja Ampat Archipelago, including locations where the highest reef fish diversity in the world has been recorded.

A colorful feather star. © Otto C. Honegger

Join Oceanic Society for a 17-day scuba diving and snorkeling adventure aboard the Pindito, a prestigious liveaboard and pioneers of eco-tourism in Raja Ampat. Embarking from Flores Island, we traverse more than 1,100 miles of the biodiverse Banda Sea, ending up in Raja Ampat. Along our route we enjoy daily diving and snorkeling in a range of habitats known for a high diversity of soft and hard corals, macro life including pipefish, seahorses, and nudibranchs, as well as large, open water species like manta rays, barracuda, sharks, and more.

The region's unique geology offers dramatic landscapes above water, and unique formations below the ocean's surface. Along the way we also take time for island visits, hikes, and to look for many whale and dolphin species. These trips book far in advance—inquire soon!

Trip Dates & Cost: 2017, September 19 – October 5. From $8,795 per person + park fees.

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