SEVENSEAS Marine Conservation & Travel Issue 22, March 2017 - Page 11

'm just back from a trip of a lifetime. I joined Oceanic Society for ten days of cruising and exploring Raja Ampat, Indonesia on the Pindito Livaboard. We were diving, snorkeling, whale

watching, Bintang drinking, and much much more. Investing in a trip like this is not only a vacation but an experience worth more than a class at university. You not only meet enthusiansts and professionals from all walks of life but see first hand, the few bits of pristine nature we have left- and the human impact on that.

Even though I swam with sharks, saw pygmy seahorses, Bryde's whales, a dolphin give birth, and countless coral, fish, and reef creature species, there was the haunting flurry of plastic waste peppering the entire sea surface. There was so much plastic litter that it outnumbered any seaweed and was so persistent, we just got used to it- and this stream of waste isn't even slowing down, it's probably getting worse. Think about that every time you touch a piece of disposable plastic. I am torturing myself with those memories every time I'm at the grocery store.

This month we will be taking a closer look at visiting the Great Barrier Reef- another fragile ecosystem, most of which is under sever threat. Stay tuned for photography and details of our Raja Ampat expedition in the April issue. If YOU are interested in joining Oceanic Society for a similar trip (or many of the other expeditions we feature) be sure to flip through this issue and our website. We have plenty of eco-friendly exclusive deals you should take advantage of.

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Safe travels & happy swimming,

Giacomo Abrusci

Executive Director


Image left: iPhone photo from top Mt Pindito, Raja Ampat, Indonesia


March 2017 - Letter from the Editor