SEVENSEAS Marine Conservation & Travel Issue 21, February 2017 - Page 69



A SEVENSEAS donation in a friend's name!

For a gift of $100 or more the Executive Director of SEVENSEAS will send a carefully crafted, hand written note thanking the recipient for their support of ocean conservation and you'll be supporting our partners in rural Thailand when you receive a beautiful woven cotton scarf like the one pictured here.

Give the Gift of Good Journalism

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1. To make your tax deductible donation please go to

2. Choose any amount

3. In the comment section include your contact info, the name and address of the recipient with any special message you would like to include.

4. 100% if your generous donation goes towards ocean conservation advocacy and the production of SEVENSEAS.

scarf colors and patterns may vary

depending on what is on the loom.

February 2017 - Things We Love


a special thanks to my hero and sister, a brave defender of science, angela.