SEVENSEAS Marine Conservation & Travel Issue 21, February 2017 - Page 67



Save the Boobies

My name is Will and I am 12

and live in Arlington, MA.

I learned about birds

last year from my

5th grade science

teacher, Mr. Banister. I

found out that the Blue-Footed Booby was threatened and decided to try and find a way to help. So I'm selling blue socks to raise money for them. So please buy a pair!

Rubies in the Rubble

Our founder, Jenny, started reading about the problem of food waste after seeing the amount of discarded produce at fruit & veg markets across

London. Beautiful mangoes, cranberries & tomatoes all headed for landfill, often because they simply didn't look right.

We’re generous with our ingredients, rigorous with our recipes and committed to our community. We work directly with UK farmers, sourcing fresh fruit and veg from their surplus produce. Each jar is jam-packed with fresh cucumbers, onions or tomatoes that would otherwise be discarded.

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