SEVENSEAS Marine Conservation & Travel Issue 17, October 2016 - Page 7


arly last month I had the privilege to join my friends and colleagues in Hawai’i for the IUCN World Conservation Congress. As you can imagine, it was an intense schedule with back-to-back meetings, presentations, and workshops. Near conservation overload- but it was amazing in any case. Aside

from discussing research and deciding on the pressing issues at hand, the Congress invited the opportunity for members of the global conservation community to crawl out from all corners of the world and meet to forge new partnerships.

In one climate change presentation a friend of mine leaned over and whispered, “you can say all you want but what it comes down to is: we need to cut emissions and stop eating meat.” It took a split second to sink in but yeah, she’s right. And to save and rebuild a healthy ocean we need to do just that, AND slow the dumping AND slow the industrial harvest of marine biomass.

Sounds simple, right? But it is the farthest thing from it. Conservation does not occur in a vacuum and it will take the turn of a generation to shift culture. I’m devoting my time to ensure it won’t be too late- which is why we have SEVENSEAS and the partners we foster.

As I type this note, I’m participating in an inspiring conservation filmmaking workshop hosted by the Conservation Media Group. Marcus Reamer (the SEVENSEAS Project Coordinator), Ashley Holmes (the SEVENSEAS videographer-in-residence), and I are strategizing not only the next issue, but the next twelve months of our conservation message. Please watch the new SEVENSEAS teaser video we released at and stay tuned for a full line-up of the amazing work from your partners in conservation that span 174 countries and counting.

SEVENSEAS is the leading free publication that promotes marine conservation through community engagement, online media, and eco-tourism, every month, to our readers all across the globe. We ask that YOU be that inspiration for others to follow in your footsteps.

Safe travels &

happy swimming,

Giacomo Abrusci

Executive Director



Photo far left: Hanauma Bay State Park, Hawai'i