SEVENSEAS Marine Conservation & Travel Issue 17, October 2016 - Page 65


What do these words mean? And, why is it that we’re so insistent on establishing a dichotomy?

Yes, there are visa implications. Permits, immigration issues, and the like to be concerned with as foreign travelers crisscross the globe on contrail webs spun by aluminum birds that live in nests woven from rope lines, yellow slippery floor signs, and magnetometers. But, at the heart of this question, should we even make a distinction?

There were other moments from my business trip that have stuck with me. Seeing a blue whale for the first time. Later, the excitement of those on the shore seeing the same. I remember eating dinner with Dr. Steven Swartz, Co-Founder of LSIESP, and Dr. Sergio Martínez Aguilar, a homegrown scientist who has assumed a leadership role for the Program and its many students. We shared a meal before they brought me to the lagoon for the first-time.