SEVENSEAS Marine Conservation & Travel Issue 17, October 2016 - Page 105

Although we were having fun in such a hectic environment, we had to be careful not to get run over by motorcycles or other carts full of boxes on the street. People were eating and trying to convince themselves to taste the food as a kind of challenge, including Alejandro, who ate a shish kebab of scorpions. I couldn’t sleep that night, imagining scorpions were coming out of his mouth or that they were going to hurt his stomach.

Fortunately, there were also stalls with meat shish kebabs, corn, vegetables, soy, spring rolls, poultry, dumplings, and fruits. We saw at least 100 types of special snacks and traditional delicacies in Donghuamen, combining culinary culture and tourism from around Asia.

Separate from my written story, in my photographic work I have always been interested in self-reference as a search of our own limitations, and the idea of the foreigner and rootlessness. I hope, as a passionate photographer and restless traveler, that I’ve done justice to the journey as part of my adventure. Thank you.

Guadalupe Plaza Petersen was born in Salta, Argentina in 1979 where she now lives and works as a photographer and visual artist. She lived in Italy, where she specialized in Contemporary Art and was awarded a scholarship by the Embassy of Indonesia. She specialized in photography at University of ISI SOLO Surukarta, Java, Indonesia. Her productions are developed around a series in which she works with assemblies of her own ideas and photographs taken of trips around the world. She worked as a supervisor of Libraries and Archives at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Salta. She participated in several individual and collective exhibitions in Argentina, Italy and Indonesia.