SEVENSEAS Marine Conservation & Travel Issue 16, September 2016 - Page 142

ED HOSE is an illustrator living on the coast of Georgia. Her whimsical style has made it's way around the world in the form of books, magazines, logos, and portraits. Just to clarify, ED is a girl and a mom and a struggling vegan.

As a child, Ed was encouraged to draw on the walls, coloring outside the lines and think outside of the box.

Raised in Bucks County, PA, she always loved to draw—almost as much as she loved to make a mess. Never happier than when covered head to toe in paint, Ed earned a BFA from Temple University Tyler Art School, where she studied performance art, illustration and design. Quickly learning that the demand for performance art was not as high as one might think in the “real world,” she took a job as art director for an entertainment collectibles company, designing movie memorabilia, packaging and marketing materials. There she discovered no one was impressed with how messy she could be. That’s when she developed her current style of illustration, working with a micron graphic pen, drawing by hand, and then completing all the color and shading in the computer.

ED's love of all things Oceanic really blossomed when she moved to the coast. Working closely with the University of Georgia Marine Extension Service and Georgia Sea Grant, she designed a series of posters, and co-wrote a book titles "The Flying Debris" about a sea otter who lives on an island of trash in the sea, and builds a flying machine to reach real land. It teaches kids about the importance of reducing their use of disposable plastics.

She also created illustrations to promote local community water safety and preparedness. She is known for her anthropomorphic take on sea life, and always looks out for their best interests.

Discover more about ED HOSE and her world of vibrant illustrations at or you can find her in her studio 135 Pier Village Market St. Simons Island Georgia or on facebook , twitter and the deep depths of the internet. When she is not drawing, she can be found spilling things in her kitchen, with her two young sons and very old dog.