SEVENSEAS Marine Conservation & Travel Issue 15, August 2016 - Page 95

a membership card or any credentials beyond the KTN so keep this number written in a safe place. When you print your boarding pass or load it on to your phone you will see TSA Precheck and this is the only way to prove to the TSA that you are a member of the program. For more information on this program visit

Global Entry Similar to TSA Precheck, Global Entry is a known traveler program best suited for individuals traveling internationally more than a few times a year. This program includes TSA Precheck, but the main perk is expedited screening at customs upon returning to the United States. Most major airports are outfitted with Global Entry digital kiosks which allow you to declare any items you are bringing into the country, scan your passport, and take your receipt to the customs officer, all in a few short minutes. The application fee for this program is $100, only a few dollars more expensive than TSA Precheck alone, and you remain enrolled in the program for five years. After a conditional approval you will be asked to attend an in-person approval which requires a fingerprint scan, verification of your identity and a few questions. Just like with TSA Precheck, you receive a Known Traveler Number to be entered every time you book a flight departing in the United States, though with Global Entry you receive your KTN at the conclusion of the in-person interview. You will receive a membership card which is only used when crossing the Mexican or Canadian border by car, so it’s important to keep the KTN on hand. From application to approval, I had to wait about six weeks but I only had to wait about a week for a convenient interview time after my application had been conditionally approved, though wait times will vary based on your location. For more information on this program visit

Marcus is a former marine mammal trainer. He is now pursuing a graduate degree from the University of Miami in marine conservation with focuses in marine mammal conservation and management as well as science communications. In addition to conservation and outreach, Marcus is also passionate about travel, pizza, and the Real Housewives.