SEVENSEAS Marine Conservation & Travel Issue 15, August 2016 - Page 45

reefs on the left side and in the middle of the bay, where you will find different type of reef fish (anemone fish, parrotfish, longfin banner fish, butterfly fish etc...) blue spotted rays and even moray eels.

If in spite of all the negative events and bad media marketing you decide to visit the amazing Egypt and the Red Sea, I highly recommended the Marsa Alam region, you will not be disappointed! It is not a crowded tourist destination, rather a quiet paradise with cosy hotels and friendly people. You can spend here an unforgettable holiday, enjoy the perfect Egyptian hospitality and you will be amused by the stunning sea life. It is truly a lifetime experience to see the dugong and the huge sea turtles. They are such peaceful creatures, not scared of humans, but please always leave enough room for them to come up to the surface for air and don't touch them! Feel yourself lucky if you could see these rare, endangered animals, protect them and warn other people to do the same!