SEVENSEAS Marine Conservation & Travel Issue 14, July 2016 - Page 71

"I Love Carloforte"

Illustrated Stories from an Island Village to International Shores

Francesca and I have always traveled trying to discover new places to meet new people. From stories old and new we try to keep alive our constant curiosity and the spirit of adventure- through illustration.

The birth of our daughter Greta may have gently altered our pace but our project remains the same: I LOVE CF become a storytelling source of income that allows us to pay rent and to buy 3 round-trip tickets to one exotic destination after another.

What was an illustrated travel diary for the last 10 years is now a project that has evolved under its own name and mission. It began as artistic expression among surfers in Carloforte with our designs focused precisely on the surfing, watersports, and on local tradition... and of course our love for the sea as an undelying theme, unchanged.

Over the years I LOVE CF grew and began to demand more international recognition bringing us far from the shores of this small island though we, as always, remain true to telling the stories of our experiences and passions. We have been fortunate enough to attend a number of festivals and awards ceremonies including recently, the Posidonia Green festival of which we take charge of graphics and illustrations, approaching the problems of pollution, over-fishing and all issues related to our presence as a human race on this planet .

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