SEVENSEAS Marine Conservation & Travel Issue 14, July 2016 - Page 68

San Pietro Island, located off of the south west coast of Sardinia, is a beach lovers paradise. It can only be reached by ferry which creates an ocean loving and casual beach culture. The island’s one main town, Carloforte, is filled with colored buildings faded to a tone that only long sunny mediterraean afternoons can

create. The beaches are plentiful ranging from family friendly with beach side bars to secluded and private waiting to be discovered. The water is a crystal clear blue perfection. An escape to Carloforte is a trip away from the crowds, confusion, and chaos that is found on more popular destinations. The Wednesday market will provide you with anything you may need to start your beach exploring adventure from snacks, beach blankets and towels. Check out some of our favorites:

Best beaches for families: La Bobba provides easy access for parking, a picturesque beach nestled between cliffs providing a safe haven for children. We also love it’s convenient beachside bar.

Best beach for a dramatic view: La Calletta. Large, sandy and found between two cliffs. This beach provides you with you picture perfect postcard view.

Best beaches for the adventurer: Rent a moped and start exploring! There are quaint beaches inlets along the coast that are completely secluded. Look for small lanes and paths off the coastal roads.

Best Gelato: Bellamia. Noccolia is our favorite!

Best local food: Farinata. This flat baked bread is found at most pizzerias and tastes best just out of the oven. We love having with the Sardinian Icanusa beer.

Best thing to do when you are not savoring downtown or the beach: Explore the northern side of the island. Although you won’t find large sandy beaches here, there are plenty of trails and mind blowing views.

Take a boat tour of the island to explore ocean caves and go snorkling, rent a paddle board for a Thursday afternoon pilates class or explore the coast on your own, or scuba dive and immerse yourself among the local tuna. Your evenings will be filled with long strolls along the Lungo Mare tasting local coffees, cocktails and snacks. Downtown Carloforte is also the place for picking up locally made jewelry and pottery. No matter what you chose, the simplicity and natural beauty of this island will stay with you long after you’ve gone.


By Alessandra Ventura