SEVENSEAS Marine Conservation & Travel Issue 14, July 2016 - Page 67

have provided the main source of nourishment for centuries. You can at least know the fish is caught locally by traditional methods and the same families of fishermen that have been doing so for generations.

You will also find rock climbing, hiking, biking, scooter rentals, scuba diving, boat tours, paddle boarding, and surfing. Carloforte is a quieter town with something to offer for everyone. The local food scene is tremendous, there are galleries and stores with unique art, a few historical monuments to look out for, and the beaches that will make you want to come back every summer. 

Getting to Carloforte is a little more of an obstacle and will require some planning- for what you get in remote uniqueness you pay for in the hours it takes to get to your destination. Many testify it is faster and easier to get from your country of origin to Rome than from Rome to Carloforte. The trip will start from a flight into Cagliari- you can have a driver set and ready to pick you up or you can choose a detour to discover the city, rent a car, and go on another adventure. When you make your way to the Southwest, either with your own car or by a paid lift, you will wait at an industrial port for a drive-on ferry to come by, then take your car on board and in about an hour of skimming the mediterranean, the vessel will pull up to the pastel painted, palm tree lined, two story skyline of Carloforte. Settle-in to your hotel or BnB, and take your pick from pizzas and fast food on just about any downtown street. For daytime excursions, food and drink is easier to come by than not on this small rock jutting out of the water but it never hurts to pack some fresh fruit and water in your bag. My favorite lunches are by far a panino and beer at one of the number of beach bars. There are a handful of bike and scooter rentals downtown so feel free to arm yourself with a map and create your own adventure. In the evenings be sure to walk up and down the Lungomare right by the port where you should experiment with a different flavor of gelato each night, you can buy fine art and jewelry in the boutique-lined street, and stop by the night market where Somali vendors are hawking beach sarongs, you can find Tunisian pottery, and and handful of souvenirs to bring back to friends and family.