SEVENSEAS Marine Conservation & Travel Issue 14, July 2016 - Page 62


Top Five Destinations



1. The Island of San Pietro. Home to the sunburnt village of Carloforte, lazy days, cultured nights. Read the coming pages to discover more.

2. Maddalena Archipelago. Unesco World Heritage site consisting of 7 major islands. Clear waters, plenty of excusions available, and a dream for all underwater adventures.

3. Chia Beach. Remember those photos of boats floating on transparant water like magic? They were probably taken here.

4. Gulf of Asinara and the medieval village of Castelsardo. The town of Castelsardo is among “The most beautiful villages in Italy.” You'll know what we mean from the views on top of Doria Castle.

5. Cagliari. The capital. Loads of art, architecture, sunny shores. beach resorts, clubs, shopping- but go here first, then discover a quiet coastal town and live like you always should have.