SEVENSEAS Marine Conservation & Travel Issue 11, April 2016 - Page 86

Boca Grande is a small town

with a lot of

BIG fish and possibilities

ocated on Gasparalla Island, off Florida's Gulf coast. Miles of natural shoreline, white sand and clear waters. On the island its old Florida charm. Easily accessible by car or boat, park dockside for lunch and explore the banyan tree covered roadways and boutiques. On the

water, truly a fisherman's paradise. Inshore you have immense grass flats thriving with sea life. If you arrive just as the sun is coming over the horizon you might find a school of red drum feeding. Their tails glistening in the sunlight as they dig though the bottom muck for various crustacean Travel further out to Boca Grande Pass and witness the alluring sight of schooling tarpon, rolling along so close you could almost touch them.

Captain Andrew Herzog