SEVENSEAS Marine Conservation & Travel Issue 11, April 2016 - Page 73

LIZ CUNNINGHAM is the author of Ocean Country: One Woman’s Voyage from Peril to Hope in Her Quest to Save the Seas (North Atlantic Books) and Talking Politics: Choosing the President in the Television Age (Praeger). This article is part of her research for her upcoming book, Every Breath, which is about breath in marine mammals and aquatic microbiomes. Visit her at:

Twenty-one percent of Ocean Country royalties are being donated to the New England Aquarium’s Marine Conservation Action Fund. That percentage was chosen because it’s the percentage of oxygen in each breath we take. Over half of that oxygen comes from plants and algae in the ocean. Every other breath is thanks to them.

More information about mangrove restoration can be found at the Mangrove Action Network Web site:

Bahowo Lodge can found at:

Page 66 The planted seedlings at dusk. In the distance Nyomen and Alexander sit quietly in the canoe. Page 69 top: North Sulawesi boasts a large number of active volcanoes. Page 69 below: Arnold, one of the local fisherman, weaving a fishing net from fishing line. Previous page: The mangrove seedlings viewed from above at low tide. Left: Mangroves extract freshwater from seawater and store it in their thick leaves.