SEVENSEAS Marine Conservation & Travel Issue 11, April 2016 - Page 28

LT&C-Study Tours combine unique wildlife experience with conservation

Linking Tourism & Conservation seeks to identify and share tools and incentives that encourage replication of best practices in sustainable tourism: those that support the establishment or management of national parks and other types of protected areas. We profile such LT&C-Examples in order to celebrate them and make them visible to those who are interested in understanding how this can be done. To get a first-hand experience of how tourism can support protected areas you may join a LT&C-Study Tour, such as last years’ tour to Svalbard (see video). To be always updated on LT&C-Study Tours and events go to and click on "calendar."

LT&C-Study Tours are only performed in cooperation with tour operators, who share the mission of LT&C and belong to our global members (penguins). And tours are only offered to destinations, which are ranking as LT&C-Examples or where LT&C-projects or initiatives are taking place, which should lead to an LT&C-Example.

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