SEVENSEAS Marine Conservation & Travel Issue 11, April 2016 - Page 123

Sunscreen at SEVENSEAS

To make things easier for you now that I’ve made you feel guilty for following the doctor’s orders, I’ll just tell you three of my favorite sunscreens that are oxybenzone-free (check out the Earth Day products we recommend, including sunscreen, on page X of this issue). First is Badger

Sport Sunscreen Cream. Zinc oxide based and containing very few other ingredients, Badger Sport is biodegradable, comes in SPF 15 to 35, is not tested on animals, and is 94% organic. You can find more about Badger Sport Sunscreen Cream on Amazon or at Second is True Natural which offers protection up to SPF 50 and even comes in pet and baby-safe formulas. True Natural sunscreen is designed for those with sensitive skin and lacks chemical additives beyond the zinc oxide and titanium dioxide required for sun protection. True Natural is available on Amazon or at A third alternative is Sunology natural sunscreen. Available in SPF 50 and modestly priced, Sunology’s biodegradable formula relies on zinc oxide and titanium dioxide to protect from UVA and UVB rays. Since none of these brands have given us money to say nice things about them, I’m also able to tell you a simple web search for “oxybenzone-free sunscreen” will also help in discovering products that are safer for marine life but also fit your lifestyle needs and budget.

Learn more about oxybenzone and ocean health go to page 98 for Marcus Reamer's full article.